About Me



Hello! I’m Den Llanos Dee, a photographer delightedly captivated by love, revelry and eternal bliss.

I was on the brink of retiring from photography but thought of giving it one more try with an apprenticeship with Pat Dy, one of the Philippines’ most renowned fashion and wedding photographer. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as the time with him reignited my passion for photography, my first love.

The continuous training with him gave me deep insight on how he does his sublimely beautiful portraits and how he makes his subjects look their best effortlessly. He leaves his clients in awe with how amazing he makes them look in their wedding photos.

Now, I’ve left the corporate jungle to live my passion. I’ve already begun to embark on taking on my own wedding shoots, carrying with me everything I’ve learned from my mentor and do my own take on the timeless, the romantic, and the sublime.