Sandra and Lila Play Dress-Up

All little girls love playing dress-up. But when your mom is a super stylist,

expect those afternoons of play to be on another level.

Lila and Sandra are two very lucky girls as their mom,

Donna Gonzales Lim of Joie de Vivre put together

this garden wardrobe playground for their first ever photoshoot.

                                        “I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” -Kate Spade


Styling by: Donna Gonzales Lim of Joie de Vivre




DelightfulLittleDarlings_01b2 21 100 SLL311

DelightfulLittleDarlings_01c SLL201

DelightfulLittleDarlings_01d 19 100 SLL279


DelightfulLittleDarlings_01f SLL151

DelightfulLittleDarlings_01g 14 100 SLL097

DelightfulLittleDarlings_02a 100 SLL006

DelightfulLittleDarlings_02b 05 100 SLL015

DelightfulLittleDarlings_02c 100 SLL005

DelightfulLittleDarlings_02d1 100 SLL018

DelightfulLittleDarlings_02e1 19 100 SLL035

DelightfulLittleDarlings_02e2 19 100 SLL022

DelightfulLittleDarlings_03 01 98 SLL028

DelightfulLittleDarlings_07A 100 SLL031

DelightfulLittleDarlings_07D 100 SLL047

DelightfulLittleDarlings_08 17 100 SLL120

DelightfulLittleDarlings_09 SLL069

DelightfulLittleDarlings_10a 100 SLL228

DelightfulLittleDarlings_10b SLL111

DelightfulLittleDarlings_11 100 SLL243

DelightfulLittleDarlings_12 100 SLL177

DelightfulLittleDarlings_13 100 SLL156

DelightfulLittleDarlings_14 20 01f 12 15 22 05 100 SLL168


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