Dru and Pia

There are some couples that will forever be etched in my mind. Such is the case for Dru and Pia. They were the first couple ever who signed up on my first bridal fair.  We planned for their free engagement shoot to take place on a mountain especially since this was where their love story was made.

As members of the Loyola mountaineers, Dru and Pia first met, got to know, and fell in love on the mountains. I’m pretty sure no one would be surprised to find out that the elaborately romantic proposal happened on the mountains too. This is how Pia described one of the happiest moments of her life:


“On October 19, 2013, my boyfriend of 3 years proposed to me on one of the peaks of Mount Pulag, where he first saw me four years ago. 

Our circle of friends started singing my favorite song “Yellow” by Coldplay seemingly out of the blue. I joined in thinking it was a spontaneous burst-out-into-song moment until everyone went quiet and Dru sang the last few lines. He went down on one knee and took out this beautiful ring with his lola’s diamond.

All our friends brought out these lovely yellow scarves sewn by Dru’s mom, sister and niece. They waved them in the air or hung them over our necks. Dru slipped the ring into my finger (which still had bits of charcoal and dirt, especially under the fingernails). 

We kissed each other and hugged everyone else around us as the sun fell in the sky and the wind whispered our happy open secret.”


Pia and Dru are just one of those couples who’ll make you fall in love … with love =)

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