Three Brides

Remember how little girls grow up together and do everything together? They go through all of life’s milestones and┬áhave photographs of them from their kindergarden uniform to the prom! Of course, there’s also that moment when they take turns being each other’s bridesmaids, although that wasn’t enough for these ladies. If they could, they would even get married together but no one wants to relive Bride Wars! And so even if they couldn’t all get married on the same day and wear their wedding gowns together, they decided to have a photo shoot instead.

HMUA: Gery Penaso

120_01A 3B_TN4A4469e_dld

120_01B 3B_TN4A4458e_dld

120_01C 3B_TN4A4501e_dld

120_01D 3B_TN4A4394e_dld

120_01E 3B_TN4A4483e_dld

120_01F 3B_TN4A4400e_dld

120_01G 3B_TN4A4493e_dld

120_01H2 3B_TN4A4105e_dld

120_01I 3B_TN4A4173e_dld

120_01J 3B_TN4A4187e_dld

120_01K 3B_TN4A4144e_dld

120_01L 3B_TN4A4205e_dld

120_01M 3B_TN4A4119e_dld

120_01N TN4A4252

120_01O 3B_TN4A4338e_dld

120_01Q 3B_TN4A4296e_dld

120_01R 3B_TN4A4516e_dld

120_01P 3B_TN4A4383e_dld

120_01S 3B_TN4A4774e_dld

120_01S1 3B_TN4A4782e_dld

120_01S3 3B_TN4A4758e_dld

120_01T 3B_TN4A4582e_dld

120_01U 3B_TN4A4608e_dld

120_01V 3B_TN4A4728e_dld

120_01W 3B_TN4A4625e_dld

120_01W 3B_TN4A4641e_dld

120_01W2 3B_TN4A4652e_dld

120_01W3 3B_TN4A4660e_dld


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