Livin’ Lovin’ London

This year, I’ve shot a bunch of parties styled by Luxe Parties. They bring to life any concept and make me so giddy with shooting all their lovely details. In 2013, they took me to Japan, New York, and last but not the least, London!

Well, I’ve been to New York and Japan but I’ve never been to London. I’ve been wanting to visit my friends there for quite some time as I haven’t seen them for years. There are times when I randomly look for what a flight to London would cost, wishing I can hop on a plane so I can stroll along Buckingham Palace,  watch Wicked on West End and sit in an authentic English pub.

For someone like me who wants to visit London badly, Luxe Parties’ larger than life styling of Yoby’s London inspired party, made the longing much less. The guests and I got a piece of the next best thing to an actual visit to the English capital.

Well, I’ve always dreamt of travelling a lot for work and in the meantime, Luxe Parties make this little wish of mine come true in some little way.


Decor and Styling: Luxe Parties

Cake and Pastries: Jaemee Ang

Magician: Kent Oliver Estrada

01 YDY0161_TN4A2942e

01 02

03b YDY0002_TN4A2511e


05 YDY0064_TN4A2626e


06 YDY0022_TN4A2560e

07 YDY0023_TN4A2563e

08 YDY0172_TN4A2956e

09 YDY0025_TN4A2565e

10 YDY0027_TN4A2567e


11 YDY0032_TN4A2572e

12 YDY0094_TN4A2729e

12a YDY0334_TN4A3374e


13 YDY0033_IMG_6227e


16 YDY0043_TN4A2586e

17 YDY0049_TN4A2596e



20 YDY0079_TN4A2688e


21 YDY0090_TN4A2716e

22 YDY0103_TN4A2750e


25 YDY0278_TN4A3223e

26 YDY0257_TN4A3179e

27 YDY0134_TN4A2841e

29 YDY0231_TN4A3122e

30 YDY0211_TN4A3065e


32 YDY0107_TN4A2773e


34 YDY0268_TN4A3207e

35 YDY0089_TN4A2713e

36 YDY0308_TN4A3300e

36 YDY0324_TN4A3341e

36 YDY0451_TN4A3594e

37 YDY0291_IMG_6272e

37 YDY0463_TN4A3624e

38 YDY0475_TN4A3658e

39 YDY0486_TN4A3700e

43 YDY0490_TN4A3713e

44 YDY0382_TN4A3437ee

45 YDY0386_TN4A3444e

46 YDY0483_TN4A3686e

47 YDY0485_TN4A3692e


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